Are you an accidental or on purpose wrestling supporter?

Accidental as in, you wouldn’t even be here if someone you loved wasn’t on the mat? And on purpose as in, you love the sport year round? You’ve both come to the right place. Here you’ll find a laugh, some wisdom, and some encouragement that you can apply to the many hours you spend in the stands by the mat, whether you’re reluctant or racing to be there.


Check out the blog for articles about all things wrestling. Share them with friends and use them to encourage other kids (and their parents) to give wrestling a try.

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New to wrestling? Or maybe you’ve been here awhile, but you’re still confused on how the sport works? We’ve complied a list of actually understandable resources for you. We strongly believe that if you can understand what’s happening on the mat, you’re more likely to enjoy the competition and encourage the person you’re supporting in the sport.

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