Being a wrestling supporter isn’t easy. There are times you find yourself jumping to your feet in excitement, and then there are times where you wonder if your feet still work because you’ve been sitting in the bleachers so long. There are more than a few times that you look at someone near you and say, “what is going on?” Sometimes you just need to laugh about what life by the wrestling mat is like. What The Mat creates encouraging and funny social media and blog content that both the clueless and savvy wrestling fans can relate to.


Hi! I’m Jennie, and I’m an accidental wrestling fan. I think. I might just be a popcorn fan.

I understand wrestling because it is a way of life for the people I love. Being a wrestling girlfriend and manager was fun. Being a wrestling mom is a rollercoaster I never expected.

In 2016 I wrote an article called “Why You Should Encourage Your Kid To Give Wrestling a Try”. I was blown away by the viral response it received. How “Wrestling Sucks” became a great apologetic phrase for the sport is beyond a lot of people’s understanding, but that’s exactly what happened. Learn more about that here.

This blog is dedicated to the new kids and the old kids: the girlfriends and boyfriends and parents and grandparents and sisters and brothers and all the other accidental or on purpose fans who love a wrestler but know nothing or everything about the sport. If you’re new to this sport, my goal is to help you understand some things, make you laugh, and give you an idea of what to expect in the stands by the mat. If you’ve been here for awhile, my goal is to give you some material to share with others and help grow this great sport, make you laugh, and give you some encouragement.

One more thing: I have an incredible daughter who plays basketball. If somebody could start a blog like this to help me out with THAT sport, I’d really appreciate it. I have no idea. Thanks.