When you understand how something works, you enjoy it more. Wrestling can seem very complicated when you don’t understand what’s happening. Especially if its your kid’s first year in high school or youth wrestling! Here are some Wrestling 101 types of resources for wrestling supporters. Wrestling fans can also share these resources with their friends and family to help them understand the sport a little better.

Want to some clarification on something to do with wrestling? If you have a question or if you think of something that would help another wrestling fan, feel free to send us a link on social media or connecting with us here.


Practice Score Sheets

One of the best ways to learn how a match works is to practices keeping score as you watch. Great for anyone who is just learning the sport, supporters who want a better understanding of what’s going on, and it’s great for younger siblings who need something to do. Download these files for free and print as many as you’d like.

WTM Practice Score Sheet PDF

WTM Practice Score Sheet PNG

WTM Practice Score Sheet Single Match PNG

Simple Wrestling Infographs

WTM Wrestling Points Infograph.png